NT-4200 Wall-mount IP Network Audio Terminal


NT-4200 Wall-mount IP Network Audio Terminal
Power supply, power consumption DC 15V/4A 20V/5A 24V/6A (2*20W 2*30W 2*60W)
Display screen LED Digital screen
Mode of operation Infrared remote control
CPU Imported original industrial grade embedded processor
Network communication protocol TCP、UDP、ARP、ICMP、IGMP、HTTP
Network Interface 10Mbps/100Mbps Adaptive dual network interface
Audio coding format MP2/MP3/PCM/ADPCM
Audio sampling format 8Kbps-48Kbps,16bit
Signal to noise ratio AUX IN ≥80dB MIC IN ≥70dB
Frequency response 50HZ-20KHz ±3dB
Amplifier output power 2*20W、2*30W、2*60W
 Interface 2 RJ45 network ports, 1 USB port, 1 SD card interface, 1 lineinput, 1 line output, 1 channel microphone input, 1 channel EMC trigger interface, 2 channel power amplifier output
Working temperature, temperature -10℃~80℃, ≤90%RH (no condensation)
100V constant voltage backup input Customizable support
2.4G, Bluetooth wireless microphone Customizable support